Stage 3 SxS shock

The Stage 3 SXS is the benchmark in high-performance shock absorbers for sportier driving. They are our best-selling products thanks to their reliability, wide range of applications and quality. For dune riding, racing or just plain fun, they provide compression and rebound adjustability with piggyback or remote reservoirs.

If you’re thinking about upgrading from your stock suspension and are seeking more adjustability, custom spring rate and smooth progression, look no further. Bolt on a set and go riding! These are custom-built for each driver according to total vehicle payload, driving style, type of terrain and provide simple adjustments to further adapt to varying conditions or terrain types. Available for most side-by-side vehicles, the Stage 3 is the preferred choice of most manufacturers of suspension kits and vehicles such as Redline, Lonestar Racing and others.

36mm FRONT: $1245/pair
36mm REAR: $1245/pair

46mm FRONT: $1425/pair
46mm REAR: $1425/pair