Stage 2 SxS shock

The Stage 2 SXS shocks feature the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher-end series. They are custom-built for the rider’s weight, riding style and preferred terrain, with custom spring set-up and valving. While they are not optimized for competitive use, they can greatly improve your vehicle ’s performance and handling. You get the same performance and benefits of our higher-end shocks, only with less adustability.

The Stage 2 builds upon our Stage 1 with the addition of an external reservoir for more oil volume and flow that provides better cooling for a more consistant damping throughout the ride. We highly recommend the Stage 2 as our entry-level model for spirited riding, aggressive riders and for heavier vehicles.

36mm FRONT: $895/pair
36mm REAR: $895/pair

With Optional Rebound Adjustment:


46mm FRONT: $995/pair
46mm REAR: $995/pair

With Optional Rebound Adjustment: