Stage 1 SxS shock

The Stage 1 SXS shocks feature the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher-end series. They are custom-built for the total weight of the rider (including any additional payload), type of riding and preferred terrain, with custom spring set-up and valving. These shock will improve the ride on any side-by-side vehicle using stock geometry.

For recreational drivers on a budget, the Stage 1 shocks can greatly enhances the overall handling and performance of your vehicle. These value-packed, easy-to-use shock absorbers are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your SXS. They will provide maximum comfort and performance in a carefree package. They might not have all the adjustments of higher-end shock absorbers, but they are perfectly suited to your personal needs, so you spend less time tuning and more time having fun riding.

FRONT: $645/pair
REAR: $645/pair

With Optional Rebound Adjustment: