Service Pricing


Basic Service - $95 + parts and oil
Revalve - $135 + parts and oil


Basic Service - $95 + parts and oil
Revalve - $135 + parts and oil


Basic Service - $75 + parts and oil
Revalve - $115 + parts and oil

Basic Service Includes:

Complete external inspection of shock
Customer contacted with preliminary quote
Complete disassembly
Complete cleaning and inspection of all internal parts
O-Rings Replaced
Complete reassembly
Oil filled to spec
Nitrogen gas fill
Eyelet DU Bushings inspected
Compression and rebound functionality are confirmed
Settings recorded in customer database


Shock Maintenance

A well-maintained shock absorber will last longer and perform better. For cleaning, use a gentle detergent and pay particular attention to areas where debris can become lodged. Do not use any abrasive cleaning products.

Maintenance frequency may vary depending on the number of hours the vehicle is driven and the conditions under which it is ridden. Heat, violent impacts, dust, mud and adjustment settings are all factors that need to be taken into consideration in determining the frequency of basic maintenance and oil changes. Elka Suspension recommends sending your shock absorbers to our Factory Service Department for your maintenance requirements and oil changes.

Please refer to the Owner's manual for complete cleaning and maintenance procedures or more information.


1 - Do not use compressed air when cleaning the seal head as this can damage the seals.

2 - Clean the threads under the preload ring using a soft brush.

3 - Clean around the rebound adjustment knob so that no foreign particles damage the adjustment mechanism.

4 - Remove the compression adjustment knob by unscrewing the Allen type setscrew and pulling on the knob carefully then clean delicately.

5 - Use compressed air to clean beneath the bottom out bumper.