Rebound Adjusters

Keep the wheels on the ground.

The rebound adjustment controls the speed at which the shock absorbers return to their fully extended position after being compressed from an impact. Although the rebound valving is customized for your riding type, sometimes you might need to further adjust the rebound. Since not all riding conditions or tracks are the same, the rider will want to adapt the rebound damping to match them.

By adjusting the rebound properly, the wheels can stay on the ground as much as possible to get maximum traction and reduce the bucking effect of the spring pressure pushing back after an impact. Elka Suspension offers two types of rebound adjusters (depending on vehicle model): an easy to use twisting knob and a compact adjuster that can be set with a flat screwdriver, both of which have detented clicks.

Riders looking for more versatile suspension will greatly benefit from the rebound adjustment as it allows optimal performance, comfort and traction by helping to keep the wheels on the ground. Racers, on the other hand, really need this adjustment to be able to adapt to different tracks.

Mountain Bike:

To adjust properly, turn the adjuster one click at a time and take a test ride. The adjustment is more sensitive towards the fully in position (slowest). When the rebound setting gets too slow, the shock absorber will not have time to resume to its initial position when a series of close bumps is encountered. In this case, the bike will run out of travel (packing), possibly bottoming out, and may give the impression of a too soft compression adjustment. When the rebound adjustment is too fast, the rear end of the bike will kick and move from side to side after hitting a series of close bumps and the rider will feel catapulted by the bike.


Elka Suspension uses 2 types of rebound adjusters. The knob type (left) can be turned without tools. The compact type (right) requires a flat screwdriver to be turned.
- Screw in/up to increase the damping and make the rebound slower (clockwise).
- Unscrew out/down to reduce the damping making the rebound faster (counter-clockwise)

Mountain Bike: