Compression Adjusters
High / Low Speed

The compression adjustments allow you to make the suspension softer or stiffer by the simple twist of a knob. With the high and low speed adjusters, you can adjust individually for varying types of impacts.

Elka's High- & Low-Speed Compression adjustment is an internal cartridge with two distinct circuits that control the hydraulic resistance for both high-velocity and low-velocity oil displacement. This enables very advanced fine-tuning for different types of impacts that would otherwise require the rider to make a compromise between a more comfortable softer suspension and a high-performance harder suspension.

With this adjustment, the rider can have the suspension set to react differently for high-speed situations and low-speed situations at the same time so the shocks can react differently for riding situations that would otherwise require a compromise to be made between opposed optimal settings. Learning and understanding how to dial-in the High- & Low-Speed Compression adjustment might require a little time and effort, but it will reward the rider with a suspension that work wonders over any kind of terrain and obstacles.


- Body roll when cornering
- Rear-end squatting under hard acceleration
-Front-end diving when braking
- Riding over whoops at moderate speed
- Undulations and elevation changes in the terrain


- Landing big jumps
- Harsh or sudden square-edged impacts
- Riding at high-speed over whoops
- Vibration when riding at very high speed or when riding over choppy terrain and tire tracks


The larger black knob controls the high-speed compression and the smaller gold-colored (or red) knob controls the low-speed compression.
- Screw in to increase the damping and make the suspension harder (turn clockwise)
- Unscrew to reduce the damping making the suspension softer (turn counter-clockwise)